A perfect world on a plane…

I had to share this.. It is truly the little things in life….


Sitting on a small plane, seats maybe 50, it is late on a Sat night and I am amazed at the life that surrounds me. I had the honor of meeting a young 92 year old woman who is sitting across the isle from me. She had engaged me in conversation as soon as I found my seat. She had explained to me, among other things, that she was coming home from visiting her daughter who has been battling cancer for some time now. When I made a comment about her traveling alone she simply looked at me with a smile that made me want to hug her and she replied, “age is just a number”.
Our conversation was quickly over as a young service member found his seat next to her and with out even missing a beat picked up a conversation with him and I must say the conversation has at the very least been pleasant to listen to.
One row behind me to my right sits a young mother, maybe 24 and her beautiful young daughter, maybe 18 months. The mother had taken her seat next to a young man that was on his way to visit friends and quickly struck up a conversation with the little girl that was full of “hello there” and “you are so funny” as she looked at him and smiles so big that you could see the corners of her smile poking out past the edges of her binkie that she was holding in her mouth and her brown hair seemed to pull out the sparkle and light in her eyes as she responded to the young man. The mother and young man have a very pleasant conversation all about each other’s adventures of their travels for the day.
I suddenly heard the fight attendant start to make his announcements prior to take off and realized just how alive the plane was with friendly, personal conversations. People sharing their life through stories to perfect strangers who odds were had never met before and would never meet again. And for a moment I could feel it. All in the world was right. This was it, a perfect world inside a little plane.

 Written by Michael Burns



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