Rules are rules… Or are they?

SOOO I was just thinking when we went to Legoland, Sea World and Universal Studios my husband could not ride quite a few of the rides because he has a prosthetic leg. He was willing to to take it off and a couple of the rides allowed it and he was allowed to ride it but most of them he could not ride because the ride was specifically built for the general public who most have 2 legs. Did he throw a fit? NOPE! In fact it probably bothers me more than it ever does him. Guess what many of the same rides Kayleb could not go on… Why???? Because it was NOT safe for him to go on it!!! Did they change the rules because they had an amputee and a 7 year old that were to short to ride the ride? NOPE!!

I stayed with Kayleb while the others rode… And if both couldn’t ride then they just didn’t go on it because that was the park rules and they are clearly posted and stated for safety reasons and to make the general public happy and safe. 

NOW what is my point? Things are made and done to serve the general public for a reason and for the safety of them. Period!!!! 

We love Game of Thrones and would love to let our 17 year old daughter watch it but DO NOT because it has to much nudity and we are not comfortable with that. 


If we send our daughters into a bathroom why should we EVER have to worry about the chance of her seeing more than she has ever seen before? We shouldn’t!   PERIOD!

The bathroom doors have signs on them for a reason and we teach our children at a very you age 

“Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.” ~Kindergarten student …  KINDERGARTEN COP

Does that mean that I have an issue with anyone that chooses a different lifestyle? NO I absolutely do not!! But I do have an issue with things that are being pushed to be changed because it is slightly inconvenient for a few people and could be potentially unsafe for many others.  

The problem is that when you give an inch some people take a mile and if we allow these rules to change we have to worry about the people that will take advantage of it and the  predators that go along with that. 

I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and although we might not like all the rules they are in place for a reason.  

If the signs are posted follow them…. SIMPLE as that!!!!


5 thoughts on “Rules are rules… Or are they?

  1. I agree with you! (And beautiful mama and son selfie btw💜) we live is St. Louis and this is a big deal. Especially where’ ‘bathroom generalization’ and locker room ‘rules’ are concerned. That photo of your hubs with Jaws is totally awesome and he looks really really happy. You all do! I’m so glad to see your family simply getting to enjoy time with one another.


      1. I know. I long for that traditional childhood we had💜
        I made a post on my blog today and I think you’re one of the few that might understand it in my blogging world. It’s about PTSD. Nothing too far out just from a wives perspective.


  2. It is not going to stop with bathrooms…soon it will be locker rooms at school and at the local gym…if we open up the bathrooms it shouldn’t just be for transgender people….isn’t that considered special treatment for some and not others? .I want my husband to be able to take my young daughters into what we know are the girls bathroom to my make daughters comfortable. We have bigger issues in this world…our country can’t handle breastfeeding mothers in public how will this ever be ok with everyone

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